O bag

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Sometimes I think that I’m an abnormal woman because I’m not particularly in love with bags. Most of times I consider this accessory as object that helps me to contain my things.
Last year I found this italian brand that produces gum bags.
For me it’s a great invention beacause I can clean my bag every time I like without ruining it, I can also switch handles from one to another changing completely the stile. One of the best ideas of this brand is giving the possibility of buying parts I prefer, for example: a 1 body and 2 o 4 handles of different materials and colors. You can also buy a knapsack that is really useful for moving all your things easily, in my case, from the orange to a grey one and then you can close it, keeping safe all your stuff.  Also you can wash it in a washing machine when it gets dirty (this is the reason why I did’nt take any pic of my knapsack, it’s drying…).
I really like this product but if I could, I would change one or two things. The first is the weight of it, I’d like it to be a bit lighter. The second is a possibility to predispose a shoulder belt.

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