22 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hi kamila! i enjoyed so much reading your blog. You got super beutiful pictures, I love them. Also, i love the way you can be fun and pretty and have time for work, fitness and family. Exactly what I would want to.
    I just gave another chance to blogging, I almost gave up cause I said I have no time. Maybe I just wasnt inspired. Im a medical student and sometimes I get burned out by what we do. but seeing your posts, I realized, well this could be fun!


    • Hello Venus!, thank you for your comment, I enjoyed it a lot. I think that in each life there are moments in which we are more active and other in which the energies are few. I used to felt guilty in the past when I was not able to do all the things I wanted to be done, but finally I understood that the most important thing is to respect ourselves, moods and feelings. For exemple in this moment, at 7th month of pregnancy I cannot do all the things I’d like to do, I have to choose the priorities (job, family, me&newbaby). It doesn’t mean to care less of other things, but simply to don’t get mad!
      Don’t let the bad thoughts to leave something definitely, sometimes it’s enough to go slower and to restart when we are recharged.
      Thank you again for your comment, compliments for your studies and good luck for your blog.


  2. Hi Kamila, very interesting your blog. Today Ilinked it.
    From Milan (Italy) have my “Happy New Year” for you and your family.

    Bye. banzai43


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